Poursina Collaborative Network

is an online platform to foster and facilitate  international collaboration and communication  between TUMS facility members with their peers in other universities as well as to keep them up to date with the latest international grants and opportunities in their respective fields  with a focus on easing the journey of scholars who are interested in collaborating with Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

Memberships Advantages

Why you should join Poursina Collaborative Network


Members can start new groups in their fields of interest or they can join the excising groups where TUMS Faculty Members ,  Students and other Professors from all over the world share their experiences in cooperative online environment


access to different sources of funding that are excursively available for the network’s members


All members of Poursina Collaborative Network are eligible for applying for many different prizes in different fields and areas of science

International Exchange

Members will be able to share and join international exchange programs between TUMS and other prestigious universities around the world


Members can have easy access to many courses and  other academic programs that are available online and in-campus across many universities.


All network members can keep on track with latest important international events and congresses in their field of interests as well as they can share other related events with their colleagues in the network


Through the available grants for Poursina Network members, all users can start international research projects with other members all over the world.

Online Profile

Make it easy for others to find you online and let other know about your fields on interests and activities which will have a great impact on making new connections from other members

Instant Messaging

Poursina International Network offer a lot of innovative and easy tools to make it easier for members to communicate with each other directly or with other fellow group members

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